Monday, June 5, 2017

“L’Arche Across America” — Day 27 — Epilog

It was not the way we drew it up, but it was, as Jane would say, beautiful. Last night after supper I was sharing time at Pat House of L’Arche Boston North when a van pulled up outside. My van. Containing my friends Jane, Doris, and Woody.

The meter on the dashboard read: Trip A / 9,298.6 miles.

The way we drew it up was, six of us would arrive in triumph earlier in the day, at the end of a coast-to-coast, round-trip odyssey, to be greeted by a gigantic celebratory cookout. The six of us were supposed to be the three in the photo above, plus Todd, John, and me.

You read about all that. You read about how we reached Seattle before John took sick, and he and I flew home. Earlier in the day, day 27 on the original itinerary, the three in the picture dropped off Todd at his home west of Boston and deposited the roof rack in the driveway of the kind man who loaned it to us at the beginning of May. Then Jane drove my van through the car wash—three times!—and delivered it proudly back into my care, not a bit worse for wear.

I have regretted since leaving Seattle that I did not stay on board to record the final fifteen days of the journey. But it turns out, Jane took care of that. As I drove her home last night, she confided that she would be polishing up her notes in the next few days, for posting on the L’Arche Boston North web site.

When Jane’s report is posted there, I will link you to it.

Meanwhile, I am happily ensconced at home with two souvenirs to show for “all my trials.” The refrigerator magnets are from Fran and Doris, respectively.

Dear Fran, my buddy pal, joined the odyssey in Los Angeles, for four days, and when she returned to Pat House last week, she kindly brought me a souvenir.

The bear is from Doris, who apparently boosted it from a refrigerator at L’Arche St. Louis and brought it home to my loving care.

The last leg of the 27-day trip on Sunday, June 4, was, mythically enough, from Ithaca to home. Just like Odysseus.

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